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Academic Fair National High School - May 29th and 30th 2023

The Academic Fair was the first fair organized by the BAOBA organization, and happened at the National High School on the 29th and 30th of May. During these two days, BAOBA had the chance to present the support that it offers on ground with innovative dynamics, during one of the days counting with the presence of 5 institutions, so that these could create direct contact with the high school students and personally explain what they have to offer. 

On the second and last day, we had the presence of the Centre for Professional Training Budo-Budo, with the heads of class of the final year and with the students association of the National High School, in a clarifying session about the university application process and the scholarships that the country has to offer.


The institutions present at the Academic Fair were: 

  • Lusiada University 
  • Faculty of Science and Technology - FCT
  • The Superior Institute of Education and Communications - ISEC
  • Victor Sa Machado Institution
  • Centre for Professional Training Budo-Budo