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Sobre Nós

Throughout our volunteering in Sao tome and Principe in 2022, we created strong relationships with the community where we worked. We understood that the majority of the young people found themselves in a different situation from which we were used to. Furthermore, we realised that there was no motivation from the population to develop and create businesses that could contribute to the growth of the country, using its own resources. 

This is when the idea to create BAOBA was born, a non-profit organization, with the goal to be the bridge between the population and the opportunities that the country was offering. 

We want to fight the early school dropout, the lack of vision and entrepreneurship of the population, and finally, social and environmental problems of the country. 

We believe in the Sao Tome people, and in their capacity to contribute to the development of the country. 

Baobá is a tree that symbolizes the strength and resistance of the African people. It’s considered a sacred tree.


To guide and encourage the population, to autonomously develop a promising future, thereby contributing to their personal development and that of their country.


To promote the country’s development by training and including the population in the labor market, while enabling them to have a sustainable future in São Tomé and Príncipe.


Adaptability, ambition, commitment, dedication, inclusion, respect, and solidarity.

Our Team

The board

Mariana Marçal


Francisca Amado


Francisco Correia


General assembly

Sofia Saldanha


André Paúl


Madalena Tavares


Finance department

Manuel Barreto


Diogo Caldeira


Sofia Carvalho


Project Assistants

Clara Oliveira

Psychological Department

Vera Moedas

Project Manager